Dec 28, 2023
NXT Deadline Results-December 9th,2023

Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge
Fallon Henley vs. Blair Davenport

After the break, we return to the rules being broken down for the first of two Iron Survivor Challenge matches scheduled for tonight’s show. Once the rule breakdown wraps up, the theme for the person who drew first for the Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge match hits.

Fallon Henley makes her way out as one of the first two competitors who will be kicking off this five-person showdown to determine the challenger for the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT New Year’s Evil 2024. She settles in the ring and her music dies down.

Now the theme for the person who drew number two to start the match off hits, and out comes Blair Davenport. The two are both in the ring and ready to rock and roll. The bell sounds and we’re officially off-and-running with this one. The countdown clock appears and when it expires, out comes Tiffany Stratton as the third entrant.

Soon after Stratton enters the match, we see the first fall take place, as Blair Davenport gets on the board with a pin fall to pull ahead with a score of 1 to 0 for the rest. The countdown clock appears again and when it expires, out comes Kelani Jordan as the fourth entrant. Soon after that, Henley scores a fall on Stratton to tie things up in first place with Davenport.

The countdown clock appears again and when it expires, the fifth and final entrant in the match comes out, as Lash Legend of The Meta-Four makes her way down to the ring as all four of the other ladies are on the top-rope in the same corner. Legend hits a double power bomb to bring two of them down the hard way.

She then climbs up and hits a double super-plex to bring down the others. Legend hits a couple of additional power spots on the mat and then picks up a quick two points in what the commentators said was done in just 70 seconds. Legend is now up with 2, Davenport has 1, Henley has 1 and Jordan and Stratton have yet to score.

We see Henley and Stratton in the penalty box at the same time. Out comes The Meta Four’s Noam Dar, Oro Mensah and Jakara Jackson to block the box as the commentators desk is cleared off. Henley and Stratton fight in the penalty box until Henley climbs up over the top and is slammed onto the commentary desk.

Stratton climbs up and hits an absolutely insane moonsault on a pile of bodies at ringside for a thunderous “Holy sh*t!” chant from the crowd. A bunch of the competitors try for pin falls back-to-back-to-back, but Davenport clears the ring and ends up getting it. Davenport and Legend are tied at 2. Henley has 1, while Jordan and Stratton are still at 0.

Moments later we see Stratton finally get on the board with a pin fall after a Prettiest Moonsault Ever. Seconds after that, Jordan hits a 450 splash off the top-rope and goes for the cover, but it is broken up. Jordan remains the only competitor without any points in the match thus far. Davenport takes Jordan off the top-rope with an awkward landing.

She then scores another fall to go up to 3 on the board. The clock strikes moments later and Davenport wins with the highest score of three points. The crowd boos as Davenport celebrates her big victory in the second annual NXT Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge match, earning herself a future NXT Women’s Championship opportunity.

Winner: Blair Davenport

Cora Jade Returns, Attacks Lyra Valkyria

After the match, Blair Davenport gets on the microphone in the ring and tells Lyra Valkyria that she is coming for her and the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT New Year’s Evil. Lyra Valkyria’s theme hits.

Out comes Valkyria but before she can make it to the ring, Cora Jade makes her surprise return and attacks her from behind. She leaves her laying and poses over her with her NXT Women’s Championship. After this wraps up, we head into another commercial break.

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