Dec 06, 2021
NXT Takeover War Games- December 5th,2021 Results

Women’s WarGames Match: Team Gonzalez (Raquel Gonzalez, Io Shirai, Cora Jade, Kay Lee Ray) vs. Team Kai (Dakota Kai, NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose, NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne)

We go right to the WarGames double-ring cage as Alicia Taylor goes over the rules. Io Shirai is out next to a big pop. Cora Jade is out next with her skateboard. Raquel Gonzalez also gets a big pop on her way to the ring. Kay Lee Ray is out last for her team, carrying the baseball bat. KLR tosses the bat into the ring and then heads in. KLR is going to start the match while her teammates watch from ringside. The music hits next and out comes Toxic Attraction – NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne, and NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose. KLR looks on with her bat in hand. Out last is Dakota Kai. Kai sees KLR’s bat, so she grabs a bunch of kendo sticks and brings them in.

The 5 minute timer appears and they go at it. KLR works Kai over to start, chopping and beating her around the ring. Kai ducks but gets dropkicked into the ropes. KLR with a big chop to the chest, and another big chop in the corner as Kai screams at her. Kai blocks a tornado DDT but KLR leaps back into the corner for a DDT to the mat. Kai launches KLR into the steel wall of the cage.

Kai uses the steel again and uses a kendo stick over her back. Kai grinds KLR’s face into the steel now. KLR avoids a slingshot under two kendo sticks going from ring to ring but Kai stays on her. Kai sends KLR into the corner and climbs up for a superplex but KLR fights out and kicks her from the mat. Kai sends KLR back to the mat. Kai grabs KLR’s baseball bat but KLR flies from ring to ring, taking Kai down before she can swing the bat. Fans chant “NXT!” now. KLR with a kendo stick shot to Kai. KLR smashes Kai chest-first into the kendo sticks that were bridged from bottom rope to bottom rope in the other ring. The fans count down and in comes Jade.

The other teams are waiting in cages on a platform above the crowd, not at ringside. Jade hits the ring with her skateboard and goes to work on Kai with it. Kai ducks a shot and catches a kick but eats an enziguri. Jade with a jumping knee to Kai’s face. Jade taunts the other opponents in the cage. Jade and KLR stomp away on Kai now, and continue to double team her.

Kai fights from a corner but they nail a double suplex, and another double suplex. Toxic Attraction taunts Jade and KLR from their cage. The babyfaces go for a third double suplex but Kai blocks it with a big DDT. Kai goes at it with Jade as the timer counts down. In comes Dolin as fans chant “Gigi!” now. Dolin goes under the ring and brings a trash can out, and a bag that is apparently full of tools. She enters and smashes Jade with the trash can. Dolin comes off the top at Jade but comes right back with a big kick to the face. Dolin plants KLR into the mat. Kai and Dolin double team KLR now. Fans chant for Dolin as she taunts her opponents.

Dolin fights off Jade and kicks her in the back, then the head. Kai takes KLR to the corner and works her over. Dolin unloads on Jade in the corner now. Kai and Dolin switch opponents now with big kicks to their faces in the corner. Fans chant “one more time!” and they repeat the sequence. Jade with knees to the gut on Dolin, then a basement dropkick. Jade grabs a trash can and places it over Dolin’s head, then runs and dropkicks it as the ringside referee looks on. KLR with the KLR Bomb onto Dolin while the trash can is still over her head.

Dolin comes out of the can and sells the beatdown. The timer counts down as fans go along with it. The next WarGames competitor let out of the cage is Shirai as fans cheer her on. Shirai goes under the ring and brings multiple steel chairs in, handing one to KLR, who smashes Dolin with it. Shirai goes back under and brings out a trash can, and trash can lid. Shirai lifts a trash can to use it but Kai kicks it into her face. Kai launches Shirai into the steel wall of the cage. Dolin and Kai double team Shirai now. Dolin launches Shirai back into the steel.

Kai unloads on Jade now, stopping her from using the skateboard. KLR and Dolin go at it. Shirai is laid out against the steel and the ropes again. Dolin gets planted and Jade goes to the top to follow-up but Kai fights her. Jade flies and takes Kai down between the two rings. Jade runs to follow-up but Dolin drives her in between the two rings. Dolin kicks KLR in the back a few times as the timer counts down again. Jayne makes her way to the double-ring cage now. Jayne goes under the ring and brings a table out as fans and chant “we want tables!” now.

Kai works over KLR while Shirai recovers. Jayne tosses a trash can to KLR and then kicks it into her, sending her back into two chairs standing up in the corner. Dolin counters Jade and nails a hurricanrana. Jayne levels Jade with a high knee. Rose poses in the smaller cage as fans do dueling chants for Toxic Attraction now. Shirai blocks a double team and forces Jayne to kick Dolin in the head.

Shirai mounts offense finally, unloading on Dolin and Jayne in the corner, nailing double knees and again. Shirai charges again and smashes the trash can lid into them, then again. Shirai with a handspring in the turnbuckles, using that to smash the lid into them once again. Shirai with 619 to Jayne. Jayne is triple teamed in the other ring now. Dolin tried to save her but they kicked her away. Shirai and KLR place Jayne on a table as Jade climbs to the top of the cage. Jade leaps and puts Jayne through the table with a big Swanton Bomb. Fans chant “holy shit!” now as Shirai and KLR check on Jade. Fans are a bit shocked and impressed with the big bump. Jade clutches her left shoulder as Shirai and KLR check on her again.

KLR goes back to work on Kai, then Dolin in the corner. Jade gets back up and goes to the other ring but she goes back down to the mat, clutching her shoulder. KLR holds Kai in a corner with a kendo stick to the throat. Shirai talks to the referees and medics as they check on Jade, but Shirai then shuts the cage door and says she’s got this. Shirai goes back to tending to Jade as medics and officials yell at her. Shirai pulls Jade’s shoulder back into place as fans pop.

Kai with a jawbreaker to KLR. The timer counts down and here comes Gonzalez, who goes under the ring for a trash can to hand into KLR. Gonzalez then hands in several chairs. Kai attacks KLR to save Dolin in the corner. Gonzalez hands in a shovel but Kai kicks her in the head, then shuts the cage door. Gonzalez is locked out and she’s not happy about it. Gonzalez grabs a fire extinguisher and sprays Dolin and Kai from the floor, then fights her way int he cage, unloading on Kai and Dolin. Gonzalez grabs a trash can while Kai is on her shoulders, then places Kai into the trash can. Gonzalez then swings the can around, using it to knock Dolin over. Gonzalez tosses the can with Kai inside of it and fans pop.

Gonzalez checks on Jade, who is still hurt. Shirai climbs up and takes a trash can with her but Kai recognizes this spot and cuts her off. Others climb up with them but Gonzalez sends Kai to the mat with a powerbomb. Gonzalez places a trash can around Kai, so that Shirai can splash it with a moonsault. Shirai is a bit hurt but she celebrates the spot. Gonzalez goes back to the other ring to check on Jade again. Everyone is down or being checked on now. The timer goes off and in comes Rose. Rose grabs a chair and decks Gonzalez in the gut with it, then smashes it over her back. Rosa points at Jade and struts over to her in the other ring. Shirai grabs her leg but Rose stomps her. Rose stalks and taunts Jade, teasing her over her arm. Rose man-handles the arm briefly but Shirai quickly makes the save, as does Gonzalez.

KLR, Shirai and Gonzalez stand tall with kendo sticks as fans chant “WarGames!” now. The heels re-group in the other ring as the two teams yell at each other. KLR stalks Jade now, behind the backs of their teammates. KLR suddenly attacks Dolin, in an apparent bait, as the fight breaks out once again. WarGames has officially kicked off now as the referees hit the ring. Shirai with a German to Rose but Jayne makes the save. Jayne with a big Spinebuster to Shirai on a chair.

Gonzalez takes Dolin to the top and rocks her. Gonzalez then grabs Jayne, and goes for a double powerbomb to Dolin and Jayne but Rose makes the save with a kendo stick. Fans chant “Mandy!” as she stands tall with the stick. Toxic Attraction takes turns on Gonzalez with weapons now. Jayne covers for 2 but Jade makes the save with a kendo stick shot. Toxic Attraction stalks Jade back onto the other ring. Kai joins them as fans chant “this is awesome!” now. Jade starts swinging the kendo stick but the numbers game catches up with her. Rose with a running knee while Jade is held by Jayne and Dolin. Rose covers but Jade kicks out at 2.

Rose can’t believe it. Rose grabs Jade’s arm and yanks at it. Shirai makes the save with a kendo stick. Jayne drops Shirai with a chair, then hits Jade with it to keep her down. KLR gets sent into the steel. Gonzalez drops Jayne and then collides with Dolin as they both go for kicks at the same time. Jade comes from out of nowhere and rolls Jayne up for the pin to win.

Winners: Cora Jade, Io Shirai, Raquel Gonzalez and Kay Lee Ray

– After the match, everyone is shocked as Jade pulled off the win. The winners stand tall and celebrate as Jade’s music hits. Gonzalez taunts the heels as she and her partners exit the ring. We go to replays. Kai and Toxic Attraction seethe from the WarGames cage as the winners celebrate at the entrance-way.

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